SEO Audit

We offer detailed analysis  through SEO audit to identify shortcomings in your website and propose a strategy to maximize your website’s performance

SEO Audit

Optimization Strategy Needs Ongoing Maintenance

As regular inspections are essential for the functioning and smooth operations for any product or service, your search engine optimization strategy needs continuous monitoring. We perform ongoing maintenance to see broken links and other factors that affect a web pages’ performance. We examine the process of crawling, analyzing, optimizing, and monitoring SEO content creation with on-page and off-page SEO to perform SEO audits. You can avail these services from the experts available at SEO Evrima offering result driven 360 degree solutions for digital transformations and marketing. The goal is to achieve site ranking at the top of search results. The first step towards achieving this goal is SEO audit to identify existing problems. We review your website’s overall health, by optimize it for search engines. We avoid grey-hat and black-hat SEO techniques which can result in penalties for your website. Our team will work towards improving organic search for your site with increased visibility and enhanced UX & user interface leading to efficient usability. Existing traffic trends are reviewed that allows us to target your specific potential customers. The experts at SEO Evrima will conduct thorough research to compare your site’s architecture and performance with your immediate competition and devise strategies to outrank them.

ranking factors

SEO Audit Evaluates the Ranking Factors

Our SEO experts take a multi-dimensional approach to SEO audits. We evaluate your site to rank in search engine results pages or SERPs. Search engines such as Google regularly evolve and can distinguish white-hat practices from black-hat. They have a set of specific guidelines for different product or service-based industries to follow. Search engines like Google want their users on the search engine result page to have a satisfying experience. Thus search engines tend to rank those websites that work on delivering an unforgettable user experience. Previously, many websites have lost traffic immediately following a significant algorithm update. SEO Evrima is a digital agency in Chicago that you can trust since we understand the algorithm. We make necessary adjustments to your website, which opens the door for multiple opportunities for getting traffic with consistent efforts and hard work.

Understanding the Competition

Our SEO audit provides you insights about your competing websites, analyzing their strengths as well as weaknesses. This helps in understanding industry specific factors for SEO ranking. We focus on keywords that are not ranking well for competitors to boost your positioning for those instead. Understanding your competition is a crucial factor for business, especially if search results show them having better ranking position.

Meta tags are an integral part of SEO audit. It consists of a meta title with a 50-character limit and a meta description of 160 characters for best results. Both are the first touch-points when Google’s bot crawls on a page’s content. The relevance of these meta tags determines the order by which pages are ranked. We will implement relevant meta tags to promote your content to display your page in search results relevant to your business.


Our SEO Audit Techniques



Carefully scrutinizing possible mistakes in code and check for broken images or URLs to make crawling easier



Analyzing loading times, accessibility and correction of errors to satisfy user intent to improve engagement signals



Optimization techniques to create a user-friendly site to dominate competition and maximizing conversions



Constantly monitoring your website to develop and implement an evolving SEO strategy from the bottom up

SEO Audit

Digital Marketing Solutions

SEO Evrima has its ways to track and monitor your keywords. Regular SEO audits give comprehensions about your website’s overall performance, keywords you want to rank. With SEO analysis, you can periodically update your website based on your keyword rankings’ performance. If you want to understand more about our Chicago SEO expert, we encourage you to take a free consultation session or see our offered packages to avail our services now.

Website Traffic Insights

SEO Evrima being a Chicago SEO expert offers complete SEO website analysis and uses Google analytics and Google search console tools in our offered packages based on your business requirements. You can find out your search volume, URLs, clicks, and impressions that your website generates on search results. The teams work day and night, offering PPC management, SEO audits, and social media management to monitor your web presence and respond to executed campaigns. Increasing clicks and impressions are always a good sign that SEO strategy is working – so we regularly monitor this data. SEO audits from SEO consultant Chicago diagnose and benchmark your website for successes, problems, and the best way to identify improvement areas to better rank at the end of the day.


Dominate your Competitors

Marketers use both paid and unpaid tools to identify a website’s shortcomings in terms of responsiveness, load speed, and quality backlinks. Website SEO checker tools recognize problems that could be holding your site back from its potential. Additionally, at SEO audit Chicago, we provide an exact, actionable, prioritized list of recommendations for improvement. You instantly analyze your SEO issues and generate results from a complete analysis using powerful tools. Digital marketing company Chicago offers professional SEO monitoring to track weekly changes in more than 30 SEO variables to understand your competitors’ SEO profiles. We provide SEO comparisons of up to 5 competitors for you to observe and define how your SEO can improve against the competition. Contact us now.

Chicago SEO Experts Track your Backlinks Status

Being Chicago SEO expert, we present you with backlink information to easily save and export in different formats to track your backlinks status over time. We analyze your competitor’s strategy to beat your competition and analyze SEO metrics of different URLs. We provide critical information about your competition, and mention following metrics in our SEO report.

  • Common SEO issues
  • Speed Optimizations
  • Server and Security
  • Mobile Usability

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