Through our B2B SEO, we anticipate buyer response and persona at all stages of the decision-making process


What is B2B SEO?

With the help of SEO, we reach customers through popular search engines in the digitalized world. We connect you with your potential customers looking for your newly launched product or service. We work towards scaling your business operations and acquire visitors for your offered solutions. For us, SEO is a roadmap to discover what people search. We devise a strategy to reach your customers across the globe effortlessly. We bring innovation by digitalizing your sales channel to ensure customer satisfaction by convincing Google to improve ranking. We achieve success in our strategy by focusing on appropriate site structure, site performance, content, and UX to rank you higher for more competitive searches within your industry.


B2B SEO Relies on Low-Volume Keywords

Being aware of more than expected Google searches for a given query every month, B2B space is much smaller than B2C. Therefore, a successful approach needs to account for high-value and very low-volume keywords. Although, it is challenging, we drive results with successful case studies and our acquired expertise in B2C SEO. For B2C SEO, we spend hours on a blog post that delivers new organic search visits every month. For B2B SEO, we spend a lot more time sourcing and grouping associated keywords. For business-to-business SEO, we focus on quality leads to an e-commerce site based on your segment’s searches and from companies that know your industry’s specifics.

B2B SEO emphasizes thought Leadership and Branding

B2B searchers do not convert on their first visit. However, with leadership and branding, our Chicago’s top B2B experts establish your brand in a searcher’s memory differently from B2C. With B2B SEO, we not only ensure Google rankings, but we also intend to utilize such approaches so that Google shows your website when somebody explores your product category. We position your brand to your target audience to see your SERPs website when they Google their search query. Many B2B organizations host events as a lead generation tool. Keeping this into consideration, we add a specific code to the website to offer you a more noticeable position on the search engine results page with structured data. Event markup is the code related to events which we implement on your event pages so that your events appear on Google.



We learn what people in your market type into Google and other search engines for relevant keywords or search queries. We rank your business for all kinds of keywords using long-tail and broad keywords.


SEO Evrima is the top digital agency in Chicago for B2B SEO with suitable methodologies and skilled in-house teams. We prioritize understanding who your market is and understand your buyer persona first.


We anticipate non-profitable keywords if nobody is searching for them. We observe conversion rates, the effect on sales, and possible solutions to rely on relevant search terms.

B2B SEO Converts Less Organic Traffic

B2C SEO has more enhanced search volume and fewer decision-makers, a much longer sales cycle, and relatively higher value per transaction. People Googling in the B2B space are usually not inclined to purchase anything at first website. Therefore, we design insightful landing pages for each industry. On each of these pages, the Chicago SEO company goal is to outperform the competition by offering more comprehensive, valuable, and meaningful insights. We encourage potential buyers by putting your business portfolio on the first page with a seamless navigational structure by linking landing pages.

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We build Quality Backlinks

At SEO Evrima, the ultimate goal of on-page SEO in B2B is to help search engines and users conveniently understand a business’s offerings. We ensure visitors consider your site as credible and trustworthy. We make your site a relevant search query on search engines. Chicago SEO company offers off-page SEO to perform optimizations that impact your search rankings positively. One focus perspective of off-page SEO in B2B is to build quality backlinks to your website. These backlinks should come from reliable sources. Moreover, experts at Chicago SEO company analyze which websites are authorities in your niche. We build meaningful relationships with market contenders to increase your website’s authority level for search engines.


Content on Third-Party Sites

We collaborate with other complementing business partners to offer a vast potential reservoir of backlinks. As B2B organizations are into PR activities, we connect you with PR agencies for visibility in relevant publications. We generate backlinks from top-tier websites. Out experts understand bottleneck areas for a start-up to get its content ranking on search engines. This allows us to make it happen by posting content on third-party websites with a higher level of authority to produce backlinks for your site. For your B2B business, we publish content to implement strategies that drive SEO benefits and make your website meaningful for the target market. We may also ask vendors to include a backlink to your website. Furthermore, we use the most effective way for quality leads with B2B event marketing. Generally, in B2B sponsored events, the event vendor places your logo on its website to promote your presence as a sponsor. Usually, event vendors have high authority that can give you numerous SEO benefits.

Technical SEO in B2B

We perform technical SEO in B2B with laser-sharp blueprint strategies to improve search engine’s ranking status. Anyone can create a site, but we integrate many aspects to rank and compete well on popular search engines. We decide which pages are best to allow Google crawler to crawl your site. We also see other factors to determine if your website fulfills the eligibility criteria suitable for crawlers to index your pages. Does your website has a sitemap? What about an image sitemap? We address such issues and scrutinize them in SEO audit. We run your website through Google page speed insights, a tool for optimizing your website by assessing it on a score of 0 to 100. The ultimate goal to make your website adapt between a score of 90-100, which means an efficiently optimized website. We focus on optimizations associated with your page loading speed. So we perform technical SEO additionally for improving the structured data on your website.

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SEO Consultants Chicago

We make you discoverable in search, which is essential for any business present on digital channel. Contact SEO consultants Chicago for B2B SEO-related guide from SEO specialists at SEO Evrima. Our team will guide you through the simple steps you need to start improving SEO for your company today and improve ranking. You can trust SEO consultants Chicago as such projects can be misunderstood resulting in poor execution, but our expert team can integrate functionalities that give you actionable results. We build your site’s on-page infrastructure before we engage our development team to perform off-site efforts.

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