Landing Page Design

We design Landing page with all the distractions removed and pages with valuable images of the Proposed Offer

Landing Page Design

Aim of a Landing Page

SEO Evrima aims for landing page design for its clients with the sole objective to convert visitors into leads, which is very distinct from other pages on your website in that it follows both of these criteria. Mostly, you will see that the attached forms allow the site owner to capture a visitor’s information in exchange for the desired offer. Just a little rectification that a homepage with a form does not count as a landing page because it serves other purposes. At SEO Evrima, we have trained the development team to consider landing pages as arguably the only vital component of your online marketing attempts. Therefore, our landing pages at SEO Evrima suggest prompt action or results that ultimately improve your chances of converting that traffic into leads.

Landing Page Design
Landing Page Design

Generate Leads Innovatively

Your website only has some defined objectives to fulfill. First, tell your story in a disruptive, compelling, and emotional way that you can achieve by connecting with various skilled departments in anticipating your project needs. SEO Evrima makes landing pages critical in generating leads; with a proven track record at SEO Evrima, we have marketers that capture leads at a higher rate by sending them to landing pages rather than causing distractions. Many of the corporations, service providers, and start-ups who approach SEO Evrima help make landing pages where people are directed to the information they seek quickly and efficiently. We make landing pages specific pages designed to get visitors exactly what they want with the least amount of friction possible.

Collect Prospect Demographics

The landing page’s idea is that your visitors must “pay” you in information to get access to an offer by filling out contact information that gives you the info you need to start contacting leads. But the demographics information is just as valuable. It gives you the data you require to know your new leads and segment them more effectively to target their needs, desires, and pain points. Get in touch with SEO Evrima, with expertise in landing pages that serve as remarkable vehicles for leads.

Track Data from Landing Pages

Data from landing pages can be tracked, which can help you understand just how engaged your prospects are. Data from landing pages include the conversion rate on this page, exits or bounces from this page, and the number of leads generated. With services offered at SEO Evrima, you get landing pages that create a benchmark for the performance. Having your own benchmarks is much more important than running a Google search, comparing your performance to general landing page performance, and generating a significant lead generation lift. The SEO Evrima regularly prioritizes work like this, focusing on the most significant impact for the least amount of effort. You can do this too.

Landing Page Design
Landing Page Design

We Showcase your Services

You’ve done a fabulous job building your brand and creating a website that represents it. Now the next step you have to ensure that all of the energy translates into sales by having a specific call to action on a landing page. Landing pages are the way to go in the era of technological advancement, and for that, you can get in touch with SEO Evrima if you aim to have a functional website for your offered solutions in 2021 as it inspires specific action from your prospects and visitors. We devise a simple web presence to showcase your services and a comprehensive complete e-Commerce solution with all important functionalities integrated to outrank industry competitors.

Lead Capture Page

A landing page, at times, marketers call a lead capture page that has a form and exists only to obtain a visitor’s data through a form that collects your information. Well, we consider it a selling tool designed to prompt a particular action as visitors land from different traffic spaces on the internet, whether that’s a guest blog or banner ad. Landing pages primarily serve to educate your customers and turn them into potentially profitable customers. At SEO Evrima, you can see for yourself that you’re looking at a relevant landing page that communicates a single focus and a streamlined look and does not miss other typical website elements. Our digital agency’s landing pages make the visitor feel compelled to take action by completing a lead form.

Landing Page Design
Landing Page

Landing Page Elements

At SEO Evrima, we make landing pages in which once we’ve set your offer, your visitors can’t wait to get their hands around that offer. Subsequently, we highlight some of the must-have elements you’ll want to feature on your page. We use crisp attention-grabbing, concise headlines that increase the readability of the visitor. The headline is the initial thing your visitors will see while making landing pages, and we keep that into consideration. After creating the perfect headline, which is concise and answers the question “What’s in it for me?” Our landing pages create some emotional tension so that the visitor will browse to the page’s bottom.

Build Trust with Social Proof

It is common to observe that the internet’s anonymity makes trust and assurance a bit hard to come by. However, a digital agency has ways to establish trust, including guarantee seals, third-party verifications, and integrating social proof. According to a recent study conducted, 92% of respondents said they have more confidence in user-generated information found online. Here is a short run down which can serve as a laser sharp blue print of a digital web design agency to know what SEO Evrima provides to the clients catering the growing need of the market effectively.

  • Your website’s design and development.
  • Custom digital platform.
  • An online portfolio.
Landing Page
Landing Page Design

Feature Relatable Videos and Images

Pictures, slideshows, and videos associated with your landing page are valid for driving user engagement. There is a psychological element related to it. When it comes to images, our minds process visual images. Most of the human brain is involved in visual processing, according to experts. Just consider all the pictures we are exposed to daily, whether via social media, billboard ads, blogs, or magazine spreads. In other words, video is a great communication tool to connect with other humans. A video conveys a message effortlessly and more rapidly than written scripts alone.

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