e-Commerce SEO

Chicago SEO Expert specializes in e-Commerce SEO by building customized Online Stores to elevate your brand at the top of SERP

e-Commerce SEO

How Important is e-Commerce SEO Website Development?

When building an e-commerce store from ground up, ensuring future scalability is a very important factor. In other words, development should allow for future additions in product portfolio by establishing robust systems that allow for scalability of database, payment methods, supply chain, inventory management, etc. Therefore, an e-commerce web developer’s expertise are essential for integration of all the functionalities and technicalities so as to allow for a smooth and hassle free customer journey from the homepage to checkout. If you are looking for professional services of a digital marketing agency for optimization of your online store and improve organic ranking, get in touch with Chicago SEO expert. We offer targeted campaigns aimed towards increasing your sales volumes and increasing SERP rankings.

e-Commerce SEO

Product Categorization

SEO Evrima uses customized techniques that optimizes your pages in view of search engine crawlers to achieve higher rankings.

Keyword Research

Chicago SEO expert determine keyword difficulty, search volume, and buyer intent to know which keywords to use for SEO optimization.

On-Site Content Production

Chicago SEO expert ensures unique and quality content to prevent search engine algorithms from marking your pages as spam.

Streamlined Processes for e-Commerce SEO

Ideally, the user must have hassle-free browsing from homepage to their desired products in just two or three clicks. Therefore, an e-commerce web designer must plan the user flow effortlessly with minimal number of clicks. The entire process should be streamlined to make the user journey from product to their shopping cart as easy as possible. A good brick-and-mortar retail store facilitates its customers every step of the way to ensure quality shopping experience. An e-commerce store should follow the same strategy. Website architecture ascertains how the pages on a site are organized and arranged. It is essentially more critical for e-commerce sites to design a robust and scalable architecture because an e-commerce store tends to have significantly more pages than an average business or corporate website. With higher number of pages, e-commerce website’s architecture must make it easy for users and search engine crawlers to find all of its pages.

e-Commerce SEO
e-Commerce SEO

Technical SEO for Store Optimization

For an e-commerce store, technical optimization is more important compared to other websites. For one, an average e-commerce store often has hundreds if not thousands of products with multiple category pages. An e-commerce website’s backlink profile usually directs to a few select pages. Many product pages will have no backlinks, thus have little to no authority. Therefore technical optimization for these pages is equally important if not more. In other words, an e-commerce site should undergo regular technical audits to update inner pages. Monitor website speed is also a key factor as loading time becomes increasingly important for Google’s algorithm. We use tools like Google’s page speed insights and GTmetrix to monitor your e-commerce store’s compliance with search algorithms. The next step is to optimize the category and product pages. For most e-commerce sites, these two types of pages generate the lion’s share of traffic. Internal linking in e-commerce SEO is performed almost automatically because a site’s navigation usually creates numerous natural internal links. It improves authority if inner pages if they are internally linked from authoritative high-priority product and category pages.

Develop Custom Functionality from Ground up

When developing an e-commerce website, it is essential to determine functionalities, related products, product reviews, buying patterns, etc. as they are critical aspects for building robust and user friendly functionality. You can trust SEO Evrima to build your digital store with optimized site speed and efficient organization of source code that does not alter your SEO. This requires custom development work so that all elements come together harmoniously. Many WooCommerce wordpress e-commerce stores rely on various plugins to drive functionality. This may in some cases create potential conflicts when a new version update is released. Our team takes this into account from the start of a project and work towards reducing interdependencies so that such potentially disruption does not affect functionality.

e-Commerce SEO
e-Commerce SEO

Design with Shoppers in Mind

The website and product page designs should improve customer shopping experience. Even if a store sells the coolest, most desirable products in at the best prices available, a shopper may get frustrated and leave your website if they find it hard to navigate or difficult to use. Design is an important factor in SEO as well. If a search engine detects that your website has a very high bounce rate which means visitors leaving very quickly after they first access a page, you may see your rankings start to slip. A well-designed website can considerably help cut back on bounce rates, and tend to encourage visitors to browse a few more pages, even if they do not find what they want right away. Your e-commerce website should be easy to navigate, with simplified menus or navigation options that clearly communicate to visitors what they will see upon clicking a link. You should also use images sparingly, since longer load times could lead to an impatient shoppers hitting the close button resulting in a lost potential customer.

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